Study day for the Encyclopédie numérique des couleurs (ENC)

The study day for the Encyclopédie numérique des couleurs (ENC) will be held online on Friday 27 October, starting from 2pm (Paris). Among the scheduled interventions, a contribution dedicated to lapis lazuli blue will be presented through the study of the archives of Antonietta Gallone and the Pinin restorer Brambilla Barcilon (edited by Serena Benelli POLIMI and Edi Guerzoni UNITO).

The Encycolpédie numérique des couleurs (ENC), is a multinational scientific and academic platform with free and open access, dedicated to the study of colors in different fields of research, namely science, literature and art. It was born in 2021 on the initiative of Ramzi Turki and Cécile Croce, who were joined by other partners and collaborators. In this context, the Laboratory of Mediations, Information, Communication, Arts (MICA, Univ. Bordeaux Montaigne) and the Laboratory of Language and Automatic Processing (LLTA, Univ. Sfax) in partnership with FrancophoNéA, the neo-Aquitanian research network on French-speaking countries, are intended to organize an online scientific open day on 27 October 2023, offering the opportunity to increase the visibility of this project among researchers from various disciplines interested in color and related issues.