The Gallone Archive  is located in the  Physics Department of  the  Politecnico di Milano , and collects the fruits of the thirty-year work carried out by Dr.  Antonietta Gallone Galassi .

This work consisted in the application of advanced chemical-physical analysis techniques to samples taken from works of art, with the aim of obtaining information on materials and painting technique. In this way, a vast amount of information was collected on the state of conservation of the works of art analyzed, on the methods of execution and, in some cases, also on the evolution over time of the technique used by a single artist. On the basis of the investigations carried out, it was often possible to identify the correct chronological location of the works and, in some cases, to verify their authenticity.

This intense activity has resulted in the drafting of approximately 600  reports , each of which contains the conclusions of the analyzes carried out and some of the most significant data. In the archive there are over 10 000 samples (micro-fragments and powders), of which about 6 000 are embedded in resin. Among the techniques  adopted, the examinations under the optical microscope (in various wavelengths) and the SEM scanning electron microscope, the staining tests, the stratigraphic analysis by X-ray fluorescence (SEM-EDS), the analysis by X-diffraction, UV micro-spectro-fluorimetric stratigraphic analysis.

On this site, under the heading Collection , it is possible to carry out targeted searches among this enormous amount of data, using the type of work, the title of the work, the name of the author, the place of conservation, etc. as search keys.